Our Story

Hi! I'm Jennie, the co-creator of Lugabug – and the mom of 3 fast-growing girls, a seasoned traveler, entrepreneur, HR consultant, and the bassist of the Seattle Kindierock band, The Not-Its!

When our first two kids were 2 and 4, Jon and I attached a car seat to a suitcase. This travel-style-easy-chair meant I, the then-pregnant wife, could rush through the airport and not leave a child (or coffee!) behind.

A few years later we were cruising through the airport at 5 a.m. with one of our now three children strapped into an earlier version of Lugabug. We passed by a group of flight attendants who pointed to our makeshift prototype and said, 'Now that's a great idea.’

I recall that being a pivotal moment of validation. It was time to move the conversation to action. And voilà: A solution to the chaos of traveling with kids was born.

While zipping around on a Lugabug gives kids their pre-fly high, traveling in general inspires for life. Through travel, we give our kids the gift of connecting with new people and places, and creating irreplaceable memories. It's why we do what we do.