A snug seat for tired feet

Lugabug Travel Seat

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Take a ride with Lugabug.

Our little one LOVED IT! So easy to use that we were able to burn off some energy before our flight and when he got tired, we just loaded him back in.

We'll never need to travel with a stroller again.


Best invention EVER!! Our life in & out of airports is now fun... for everyone!


I debated getting between this Lugabug or a riding suitcase for my three-year old son. My son who hated a stroller loved  sitting on this. I didn't have to carry extra stuff, and it is easy to put on or off for security check.

Brian M. Lewis

Best new kid product I have bought in a long time. Brilliant! Easy! Kids loved it! Everyone in the airport was jealous.

Jennifer K.

Hawaii... Kentucky... Minneapolis... Atlanta...

She is 31 pounds and absolutely loves this seat.

Such a great invention! 

Mr. Sey