1. Lugabug is intended for use by one child, age two or older, with a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

    The recommended age of two years is based on the average child’s ability to climb up-down-or on/off things unassisted. Toddlers of all ages have used the seat, so long as they’re able to sit-and stand independently, parent discretion.

  2. Yes, a single strap lap belt is included. Lugabug is made to feel hammock-like and ensure the child fits snug and secure. It can be used with or without a lap belt.

    Some prefer the flexibility of their child independently getting in and out of their Lugabug. Others prefer to use a lap strap to ensure the child stays within reach.

  3. For optimal use, we recommend:

    - Two-wheel roller luggage due to its reliability and durability across variable surfaces. Spinners with high quality, robust wheeling systems may be used.

    - Wheeled luggage made of soft-sided ballistic nylon or polyester material. Luggage made of polycarbonate, or hard sided material, may compress the bag and cause the seat to be off center.

  4. The Lugabug is designed to be used with a standard carry-on, sizes ranging between 18” to 22”.

    The top, side and angle straps can be adjusted to fit most luggage sizes.

    Small totes functionally work with Lugabug yet the ease and mobility depend on the size of your child and the structure and quality of the tote. Standard checked luggage sizes range between 23” to 32”.

  5. The following luggage brands offer a wide variety in price and have been routinely named for their quality and durability: Tumi, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox (Swiss Army) and Travel Pro Crew 10 Series. We are also big fans of REI Wheeled Duffels or the eBag TLS Motherlode Wheeled Duffel.

  6. Securing Lugabug to your luggage can be done in matter of seconds, in (3) easy steps:

    • Slip the adjustable top strap over the top of your suitcase handle.
    • Attach the side strap around the back.
    • Hold onto the suitcase handle while your child sits in the seat, tilt back and off you go!

    For optimal weight distribution, ease and agility when pulling your child, inspect that the Lugabug is level and centered on the front of the suitcase. It is important to make adjustments using the top, side and angle straps as outlined in the instructions to ensure maximum comfort.

  7. Currently Lugabug is only available in (1) color - black with grey + reflective stripe and accents.
  8. Never leave your child unattended when the Lugabug is attached to a suitcase in an open, seated position. Once removed from luggage, the Lugabug can be used as a stand-alone seat.

    It is important to read all product warnings and instructions prior to using your Lugabug.

  9. Lugabug has a few multi-functional uses: a travel seat and extra pocket when attached to luggage, and a stand-alone seat (a.k.a. camp chair) when not used on luggage. The top strap can also be re-adjusted to the side straps and worn over the shoulders to carry extra stuff.

  10. We strive to manufacture the best product possible and expect it to last. Lugabug is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

    If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here for you!

    Please email us with questions or concerns at info@lugabug.com.